Blogger's Christmas Beauty Brawl Day 7: Lipstick

Slight cheat with today's product review as I'll actually be reviewing a lip lacquer rather than a lipstick. This one is from MUA's Luxe range which I've heard great things about from other bloggers. Not only is MUA a great, affordable brand, I love a lot of their products already, particularly their eyeshadow palettes.

PRODUCT QUALITY: The velvet lip lacquer claims to have a matte finish and this I can vouch for. It also describes itself as long-lasting which I'm sure it is as well. However, on putting this product on my lips I found it so uncomfortable to wear from the get go! As the product dries, it's very sticky on your lips. It dries fully in about 30 seconds and you KNOW it's there. It also didn't look great on as it sucked any moisture there was out of my lips. After 5 minutes I had to take it off and put a lip balm over the top. I persevered and tried it again after exfoliating and using a lip balm which did make it look better, but it was still really uncomfortable to wear. It's a shame because the colour (Tranquillity) is so nice! 

PRICE: As always with MUA, the price of this is really affordable. It cost me £3, which is in their higher price bracket as it's in their Luxe range. For a liquid lipstick, it's definitely one of the cheapest I've seen.

PACKAGING: I think the packaging also makes its look more expensive than it actually is - the frosted effect on the tube and gold lid are simple but elegant.

SCORES (/100)
Product quality: 55
Price: 90
Packaging: 85

OVERALL VERDICT: Although the price and packaging are really great, I just didn't get on with the formula of the lip lacquer. Some people may be able to persevere with it and make it look great but unfortunately it just wasn't for me. I'd much rather spend slightly more on a NYX soft matte lip cream which is much more moisturising and feels a lot more comfortable.

SHARING THE BEAUTY BRAWL LOVE: If you want to see what Kimberley thought of her blusher, head over to her page


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