Blogger's Christmas Beauty Brawl Day 3: Highlighter

Day three of the Blogger's Christmas Beauty Brawl will be a review of a highlighter I picked up recently. Make Up Revolution's Strobe Highlight caught my eye for a number of reasons (of which I will discuss below!) and so I thought I'd give it a little trial. I've been loving my Sleek Solstice highlight palette recently so I was interested to see how this highlighter compared.

PRODUCT QUALITY: This highlighter is in powder form and is very glittery and shimmery - perfect for the Christmas season in my opinion! I applied it across my cheekbones with a fan brush and then in my cupid's bow, down my nose and along the bottom edge of my eyebrows using my finger. I found the colour pay-off to be a lot more intense when I used my finger and so I'd recommend doing this if you like a full-on glow.

PRICE: The highlighter cost me only £3 which I think is a great price for what I'm getting. The product is pretty big and I have no doubt that it'll last me for ages.

PACKAGING: The actual product looks pretty high end, and echoes Laura Mercier highlight products with its blanket-like pattern. The plastic outer layer cheapens it slightly but for the price I don't think you can complain!

SCORES (/100)
Product quality: 82
Price: 93
Packaging: 78

OVERALL VERDICT: A great highlighter if you love a glittery, intense highlighter like I do! For £3 I think it's a great addition to any makeup bag because you never know when you need a super glittery glow.

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  1. This highlighter looks amazing!! Defiantly checking that out!

    Hannah x (Not-Another)