Blogger's Christmas Beauty Brawl Day 5: Blusher

As if we're half way through the Christmas Beauty Brawl already! Today I'm reviewing Makeup Revolution's Baked Blush in the shade 'All I Think About Is You'. You might be noticing a slight Makeup Revolution theme - I honestly just love the brand and find that most of the things I try from them I really liked. I think in their own way, they've revolutionised (pun intended) the drugstore/high street make-up game by bringing out high quality beauty products for a fraction of the price you'd pay elsewhere. Okay, enough praise for Makeup Revolution (I promise I'm not being paid for this (...but maybe I should be... hint hint TAM Beauty PR)), onto the review!

PRODUCT QUALITY: The actual product is a really gorgeous rosy pink colour and is very pigmented. I only dab my blusher brush onto the product very gently and that's all you need for a beautiful glow. There's a lovely hint of shimmer in the blush as well which I'd say could double up as a blush/highlighter duo if you wanted a subtle shine.

PRICE: This blush comes in at £2.50 which is such a steal for such a great little product! I often buy Makeup Revolution's £1 blushers which are very standard and don't have any shimmer to them, but I'll definitely be paying the extra £1.50 in the future for their baked blushers.

PACKAGING: You have the same plastic packaging as the highlighter for this product but like I said, this is expected of such an affordable product. I think the actual blusher looks really gorgeous though, with its patterned baked effect.

SCORES (/100)
Product quality: 95
Price: 90
Packaging: 80

OVERALL VERDICT: This is a really lovely blusher which I can't really fault! If you like a pink, subtly shimmery blush, then I'd absolutely recommend this one. I think it's also a great one to go for if you want to try a baked product without a luxury price tag attached to it!

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  1. I love this post and love your grading system! This looks like such a lovely shade :) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x