REVIEW: Coffee #1, Princesshay #EatsForTreats

In the heart of Exeter but located in a more secluded area of Princesshay shopping centre, Coffee #1 is the perfect retreat away from the crowds of shoppers on a Saturday afternoon. Princesshay asked me to visit Coffee #1 as part of their summer EATS! campaign, promoting the diverse range of restaurants and eateries situated within the shopping centre. Despite its quiet location, the cafe is still buzzing and clearly a popular hangout. 

After a busy morning of shopping, Tim and I were ready for a mid-afternoon refreshment. I ordered a spice chai latte while Tim opted for a white hot chocolate deluxe. We also both grabbed a maple bacon, eggs benedict and spinach English muffin to keep us going. After ordering, we sat down in the best location (in my opinion!) in the whole cafe - right by the window in the cosiest armchairs. 

The decor is quirky and has a rustic feel, with wooden floors and an impressive exposed brick feature wall. The bookshelf and recycled hessian coffee sack canvases are a nice touch too. The whole atmosphere is very chilled and relaxed, despite it being full of people. It really is perfect for working, reading or just catching up with friends.

As for the taste test, the chai latte was perfectly milky and aromatic, while Tim's white hot chocolate (which I sneaked a sip of) was rich and frothy - perfect if you have a hankering for something sweet. Our English muffins were extremely tasty too and ideal as a late lunch snack. You can't beat bacon really!

I really can't fault our visit to Coffee #1 - it topped off a perfect day of browsing round the shops! If you're interested in finding out more about Princesshay's other eateries, follow this link here. Thank you Princesshay and Coffee #1 for the chance to sample the fab food and drink on offer!
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My Five FAVOURITE EVER Lip Products!

Hi all! Today's post is all about one of my favourite things to talk about - lipsticks! I tend to stick to a select few lip products that I love and best of all, most of these are high street bargains. I'd love your recommendations for your favourite lip products in the comments below - I'm always on the lookout to add to my holy grail products. Let's get onto the faves:

1. MAC - Velvet Teddy

This is a stereotypical blogger favourite, but it's a favourite for a reason! For me, Velvet Teddy is the perfect deep nude and goes with pretty much any outfit and any makeup look. This lipstick is the most expensive of the bunch, coming in at £16.50 from most retailers. However, MAC lipsticks are notorious for their creamy texture and lengthy staying power, making this product a staple in my handbag. I received this as a gift for my birthday last year, and it has fast become one of my favourite colours to wear.

2. Rimmel The Only One Matte in Trendsetter

If you're on the market for a MAC Velvet Teddy dupe, Trendsetter by Rimmel is "the only one" for you (please excuse the god-awful pun). I didn't realise until I took these photos how similar the two are! I picked this lipstick from Rimmel earlier this year when they were released because I'd heard a lot about them amongst the beauty blogging community. They were right to be hyped about because the formula and colour of these are beautiful. In terms of a dupe, I'd say the formula of this Rimmel lipstick is slightly dryer than that of MAC's Velvet Teddy but the colour is pretty bang-on. I would say the Rimmel lipstick has a slightly more rosy tint to it, while Velvet Teddy is more brown in its undertone. I'll leave a swatch photo of the two side by side below so you can see what I mean. This lipstick comes in at only £6.99 - less than half the price of MAC. It has a pretty good staying power too and I usually just top it up once during the day.

3. Topshop Lips in Black Widow (left) & Champion (right)

We've gone from one end of the spectrum to the other with these colours! I rarely go for a bold lip, but if I do I'm likely to reach for one of these. The Topshop formulas are brilliant - long-lasting and really opaque, so perfect if you want a pop of colour. They retail for £8 (and don't forget the 10% student discount!) so they're pretty affordable. I think the packaging is lovely too, and it makes that really satisfying magnetic 'click' noise when you put the top back on!

4. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Rome

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams are quickly becoming one of my favourite formulas of lip product. The creamy, mousse-like texture makes it comfortable to wear but it actually lasts really well and gives a gorgeous satin finish. I wouldn't say it's completely matte, but in my experiences matte lip products tend to be much more uncomfortable to wear so I'm not mad! This colour is a gorgeous deep pink-toned brown and looks great for a night out.

5. Essence Long Lasting Lip Pencil in A Girl's Dream (left) & Lovely Frappucino (right)

I don't often use lip liners, but these were recommended to me and they're amazing! The twist-up style is so easy to use and the formula is super creamy. It's great for overlining your lips and making them look fuller and plumper. I use Lovely Frappucino with the Rome NYX soft matte lip cream above - it's the perfect combo. AND they retail for just £1.50 at Wilko stores - bargain!

And that's a wrap! I hope these faves might give you a bit of lippy inspiration and maybe my favourites will become your favourites too! If you think I've missed out on any gems, do let me know in the comments below - I'd love to know what you love too!

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