How To Personalise Your Student Dorm Room!

I've written a lot about student living, particularly for Fresher's just starting their Uni journey, and one thing I touched on in my Student Checklist (click here to read) was decorating your student digs. Let's be real, halls can often look very dull, so it can be nice to put your own spin on things - make things feel more "you". Having photos around and cute decor that you've picked out yourself can also help to ease any feelings of homesickness too. Thinking back to my halls in 2012 (eek!) one of the things I loved the most was my photo wall (apologies for the ANCIENT and TERRIBLE quality photo!).

Websites like Funky Pigeon (spoiler: they don't just do cards!) can create personalised, unique home decor that are perfect for decorating your gaff. Funky Pigeon kindly gifted me some products from their website to share with you to help you decide what to buy. They also make perfect gifts for any siblings/friends/loved ones who are flying the nest and beginning a new chapter in a new house/halls.

Candles are a great addition to any bedroom or living room to create a cosy vibe, and these candles from Funky Pigeon are extra cute when they can be personalised with their own quote or even photo on the front. The smell is a fresh linen-type smell - perfect if you haven't washed your clothes for a week (or three). *Check with your landlord or in your tenancy agreement first before lighting any candles in your house!*

I also love their photo blocks which I think look a little more sophisticated than your average photo stuck on a wall (sorry 2012 me). You also don't have to worry about carefully pulling the blu-tack off your walls before you move out! These are just great if you don't have anywhere to hang or stick up photos around your room. I love the addition of the glitter too (snow globe-esque in that it moves as you shake it round).

Now we all know that University (particularly in your first year) involves a fair bit of drinking and what better way to drink than with personalised glasses! Although these would also make a fab gift for an engagement/wedding, I also love the idea of having a quote on it too! I went for "Prosecco is always the answer". As easy as drinking out of a mug may seem, you can feel a little bit fancier with these for sure.

Now this isn't from Funky Pigeon (although you can buy flowers and plants from them too!), but I love the addition of a plant in a room to give it a bit of something extra. I go for ones that I know I don't have to water often otherwise they WILL end up dead. I also think they complement the candle and photo block really well too!

Here are the links to the products I received:

Charli's Funky Pigeon tip: check their "Offers" tab at the bottom of the page to see what they have on offer at the time you're browsing - you can end up saving yourself some money too!

I hope you like the new additions to my flat - I'm so happy with them and even 2012 Charli in her student digs would have loved them to brighten up the place! What's your favourite item? Leave a comment below!

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