The Best Place To Buy Shoes Online?!

Got a friend/girlfriend/mum/sister/gran who LOVES shoes? Online Avenue has got you covered this Christmas! This online footwear store stocks shoes for women, men and kids, but I'll be focusing on footwear for the females as this is more my forte! 

Thanks to EtailPR, I was sent a pair of shoes of my choice from Online Avenue's incredible range. I went for the Kylee Lace Up Tassel Ankle Boots in Mocha Suede which you can see on their website here. I don't own many heeled ankle boots and I loved the tassel and shoelace detailing of these. I thought they'd look great during the winter paired with some tights and a skirt or with skinny jeans to dress up a more casual outfit. If you're a fan of the tassel detailing on these boots, I also love the Zelda Side Tassel Suedette Ankle Boot which I think is a slightly more subtle option and also comes in a wider range of colours.

I often find it hard to find a pair of heels that I can spend more than an hour walking around in, but I found these boots really comfortable despite their height. In terms of quality, the boots feel robust and well-made, and the suede material is super soft! 

Whilst having a browse on their site, I was amazed at how well priced all their shoes are! My Kylee ankle boots retail at just £20.49 - such a bargain considering how on-trend they are and how good quality they feel. In fact, I noticed that the majority of the women's shoes retail for less than £30 - most of them being priced around £20 - which is superb value for money in my opinion. Being a student, I'm quite money-concious and I feel that these boots would make the perfect gift for someone (or as a little treat for yourself!) if you too are feeling slightly strapped for cash this Christmas. 

Moreover, you can get 20% off these boots (and so many more women's shoes!) with the code LAUNCH20. Be quick though, because this code expires on Friday 4th December 2015!

I'm hoping to show off these boots in a full outfit post closer to Christmas so stay tuned for that. For now, happy shopping!

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Lush Cardiff Christmas Event! #LushWinter2015

Last Tuesday, I attended the Lush Christmas 2015 event in their Cardiff store after receiving an invite from the lovely @urikachiu. I'm one of those annoying people who starts getting excited for Christmas super early, so I really couldn't wait to try out all the sparkly, winter-y scents that Lush bring out every year! I went with Teri who blogs at A Cup Of T and we were greeted by cinnamon-infused sparkling water and mince pies - the perfect start to Christmas! 

We were given a VIP tour around the whole store by Eleri who was absolutely lovely! She gave us demonstrations of the gorgeous Christmas products and I quickly jumped on the Snow Fairy scent bandwagon - a princess pink sweet scent that's enough to make anyone feel like a million dollars! We even got to have a go at making our own bubble bars which is actually a lot harder than it seems (although I'm pretty sure I picked it up fairly quickly - future career?). 

We were totally pampered upstairs, trying out body conditioners, hand creams, face masks and more until our hands were the silkiest they'd ever been! We were also joined by Melanie - another member of the Lush team - who was just as lovely and accommodating as Eleri. We made our way over to the make up, which is something neither Teri nor I had ever tried from Lush. I was amazed at how pigmented some of the lip tints were when I swatched them on my hand - one of them didn't disappear until the next day! I definitely think I'm going to have to go back and treat myself to one before Christmas!

We finished up our purchases and I picked up a candy mountain bubble bar, which has the same scent as Snow Fairy. Teri and I also picked up one of the tea tree toner tabs because it's such an interesting concept I've wanted to try out for ages! We were also kindly gifted a goody bag which along with the press release with information about all the Chistmas products, my bag contained a Yog Nog bath bomb, a Bar Humbug bubble bar and The Magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar. 

I can't wait to try out these pieces I got from Lush - they smell beautiful and have put me in the perfect Christmassy mood! Have you tried any of Lush's Christmas range? Let me know below!
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Have You Got SASS?

When I first set eyes on these products at a blogging event (which you can read about here!), it never crossed my mind that they might be for your... ahem.. nether regions. That's right. These perfectly packaged products from Sass are feminine hygiene products and these are a necessity I never knew I needed! 

Sass is a small brand made up of just three people who provide a prettier, more specialised alternative for all women. Of course feminine hygiene is a must, but do all the products have to look so dull and clinical? I know I always feel embarrassed going up to the tills buying pH-balanced shower gel which looks and sounds like it's been prescribed by a doctor for some kind of contagious disease, when really all I want to do is look after my lady bits! 

I'm so glad I came across this brand because they've honestly changed my perception of intimate hygiene products. I don't mind having them displayed in my bathroom (which I share with my male flatmate) because not only do they look "normal", in my opinion they look like luxury skincare! And as a student, looking like you can afford cool stuff is always a winner for me. They even cleverly hide the name of the product from the front of the packaging so you can proudly display them wherever you please. I'm not saying feminine hygiene is something to be ashamed of - I am literally right now telling you all about mine - but it's not a particularly glamorous side to skincare, and so having pretty-looking products definitely helps to make it seem more bearable.

Another thing I love about Sass is the product range - from a pH-balanced purifying cleanser to use in the shower to prevent irritation often caused by harsher shower gels, to a recovery serum for the sportier types to soothe and cool down post-workout. To see the whole range of products, visit their website here.

I was given a few samples at the blogging event so I've tried these products, and without going into too much detail I can tell you THEY WORK. The scented ones are lovely and refreshing - not artificial at all - and I've felt much fresher and cleaner since using them. ALSO if you visit their website at the moment and scroll down their homepage, you can apply for your own samples to try before you buy! The full Sass range is available at Boots so it's super accessible for us UK girlies! 

Have you ever tried the Sass range? Let me know what you think below!
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