AWKWARD STORY TIME! The Father's Day Edition

Father's Day is looming and The Car People are encouraging bloggers to share a memorable car journey they've had with their dad's. I could tell you all about some lovely car journeys I've had with my dad, e.g. when he dropped me off at Uni for the first time, our car journey back from my graduation or our road trip up to Scotland when I was a kid. But one in particular stands out more than others that has a more humorous tone to it, and I definitely think you'll enjoy it more as a reader.

This particular car journey happened just over six years ago when we went to pick up our dog Alfie for the first time. He was a 2-month old puppy at the time and we had all fallen in love as soon as we set our eyes on him. A cross between a collie and a King Charles spaniel, he was bouncy and playful with a little squashed nose and a white stripe running down between his eyes. All four of us made the journey to pick him up - myself, my dad, my mum and my brother - and we were excited to get him home.

We had the car all set up for him, with a large dog cage and blankets in the boot of our people carrier for him to cosy down in and enjoy the ride home. It wasn't long before we realised this was not going to be an enjoyable experience for him at all as he squealed and cried the whole way home. We were only about half an hour away from our house, but the high pitched crying made it seem like a lifetime! Although we were taking him back to our loving home, in Alfie's eyes we were merely taking him away from his mother and brothers and sisters and he was not having any of it. He would stop crying for a split second and we would all sigh in relief, only for him to begin all over again just seconds later. 

Despite the constant whining from the back of the car, we thought "at least he hasn't had a little doggy accident this whole journey" - he was after all only 2 months old and not toilet trained yet. Those were our famous last words. We live in a small cul de sac of about eight houses and as we turned into our little road, Alfie decided this was the perfect time to poop. I guess we should count ourselves lucky that he didn't do it earlier because we would've had to put up with the smell the whole way home, but the timing couldn't have been more comical. Six years on, Alfie now loves car journeys (especially to the beach) and hasn't pooped in the car since. 

So I want to say thanks Dad for this particularly memorable car journey - even if it was memorable for all the wrong reasons! I'd love to hear your funny car journey stories with your Dad in the comments below! You can check out other bloggers' memorable car journeys with their Dad's over at The Car People here!

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