BLOG BIRTHDAY! Plus My First Ever Giveaway!

As if I've been blogging for a whole year! It's gone crazy quick but in a way it also feels like I've been blogging for yeeeeears. I thought to celebrate, as well as a mini giveaway (details below!) I'd answer a few questions about my year of blogging.

1. Best blogging moment(s)?

Okay I couldn't choose just one because there's been far too many! My best blogging moments have definitely been attending events and meeting wonderful bloggers in the process. My first event was a boat party with Ladbrokes on the Thames which was just incredible. I haven't been to any event that I haven't enjoyed so far, and I'm in awe of the efforts that brands and bloggers put into organising such amazing events. It would take me forever to name all the fantastic people I've met along the way, but below are just a few photo memories! Read my beginner's guide to blogging events here.

2. Favourite blog post written so far?

I have a couple of favourites here: from a serious point of view, I've loved writing about mental health, especially since working on an eating disorders ward for a year as part of my Psychology degree and sharing things I learnt along the way. You can find a few of them here: Distress Tolerance, Compassion & Eating Disorders
On a less serious note, as much as I love writing beauty reviews, I really enjoyed writing my post about working in retail, and loved the positive feedback I received of people agreeing with what I'd said! You can read that post here.

3. Favourite photos taken for a blog post so far?

The first photos I was really proud of were taken not too long ago, when I reviewed products from Sass. I felt I got the props and lighting just right and it's the first time I've properly loved my background. 

4. Worst thing about blogging?

There's not many if I'm being honest! I'm still working out how to effectively balance blogging/uni life so it can be quite stressful at times. It also sucks moving from London to Cardiff in terms of blogging as so much happens there and I could be given a day's notice to attend an event in central London. However, I've attended a couple of great events in Cardiff since moving back and met some lovely Welsh bloggers too!

5. Best thing about blogging?

It has to be meeting people and making some really great friends. I never knew how big and inviting the blogging community would be when I first started and I can't wait to meet more people this year too! The opportunities I've had in the last year have been amazing, and I'm looking forward to anything that comes my way in the future as well.


My first ever giveaway!! It's not a huge one, but hey it's free so why not enter?! You could win the contents of this "mystery" beauty box including products from some of my favourite brands! The competition is run through Rafflecopter (see below) and the winner will be notified in 2 weeks time on 19th February!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you for all your support over the past year!

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  1. Eeee exciting! Sounds like a fab first year and here's to many more to come!

    Robyn / Phases Of Robyn

  2. Happy blog birthday! Mine is coming up soon yay. Lovely giveaway! :) x

  3. happy blog birthday, beautiful!

    Arianne | Ayre

  4. Hey hun hearty congratulations on your first anniversary. True 5hat 5he best thing about blogging is meeting new friends just like I found you...lots if love and success for future

  5. Awesome giveaway, congrats on blogging for a year! x