A Beginner's Guide to Blogging Events... Written by a Beginner

I've been to six (I think?!) blogging events in the last four months and I just wanted to share some of my experiences and some tips I've picked up along the way! Obviously I don't class myself as any kind of expert - I've been blogging for less than 5 months - but as someone who has been there recently, who has felt physically sick with nerves on the way to multiple events, who has regretted being so shy and hardly speaking moments after I've left venues, I thought it'd be a more unique perspective than from someone who may have been blogging and attending events for years. Sorry for that lengthy sentence. Let's begin!

1. BE YOURSELF. Ugh, I really don't want this to be a generic "meeting new people" kind of post. But this is so important! Be that person you are with your best friend, family, partner. Don't worry what people think; at the end of the day we're all in the same boat, we all have the same interest in blogging, and in general people in the blogging community I've met along the way have been some of the nicest, non-judgemental people I've ever come across!

2. ASK AWAY! Take the opportunity to talk to other bloggers face to face. If you're just starting out with blogging, chances are there will be other bloggers there with more experience and blogging events and meetups are a perfect opportunity to ask questions. I've done this quite a few times now and it's been really useful - things like what camera they use, what events they've been to before, any tips they'd give to new bloggers. (Plus, let's be honest: 98%* of people LOVE talking about themselves. It's the PERFECT icebreaker if you're feeling nervous!)

*This statistic may or may not have been made up in my head with no evidence to back it up.

3. PRE-MEET UP. A couple of times before events I've opted to meet up with a couple of bloggers an hour or so before the event and I would REALLY recommend this if you're feeling nervous! It allows you to get all those pre-event nerves out before the actual event and takes away the intimidation of being bombarded with loads of new people on your own.  I've also stayed friendly with a lot of the girls I've met up with before events which is always a bonus! On the subject of pre-meet up, most events will have a Twitter hashtag, so be sure to be using this beforehand so you can see who else is attending!

I hope this has been somewhat helpful; please feel free to ask me any other questions in the comments or by tweeting me (@charli_bblogger)!


  1. wow you've attended that many and you're still a beginner! that's so impressive. I've not been to a blogging event yet, but I really want to. quite scary, but I'd love to try it!


  2. I love this post,your tips are really helpful. :)

    Valentina from http://fashionwithvalentina.blogspot.com

  3. A very helpful post, I can't wait to attend some blogger events!!x

    Aliya x