#ShareLove: My Favourite Bloggers #2

I'm hoping to make this a monthly feature as I think it's SO important to acknowledge and share blogs that us bloggers love to read too! It can be a real self-esteem boost being told that something you work your ass off for is being enjoyed by other people, and of course it feels nice to be nice too!

1. Very Berry Cosmo

I love Very Berry Cosmo AKA Kayleigh because she is so REAL. Her writing style is so friendly and inviting, and her actual content is always compelling and refreshing.  One of the first of her posts that I read was titled 'My Experience with the Contraceptive Implant'; something which I'd be thinking about for a while.  Reading this post was what motivated me to get in touch with my GP regarding the implant and although I didn't go through with it at the time, it's something I will pursue with my regular GP back in Devon (who knows more about my medical history!) so I have her to thank for that.  I also met Kayleigh about a month ago at a blogger event in Sheffield and she is just as lovely in real life as she comes across in her blog.

2. Britton Loves

She's probably bored of my sycophancy by now as I have tweeted her on multiple occasions to tell her how much I enjoyed her latest YouTube videos but Britton Loves AKA Lauren is a real inspiration to me for many reasons.  I love her positivity that comes across in her Youtube videos, blog posts and on Twitter; I love her attitude to health and food (including her recipe and foodie blog posts!); and I love her blog photography which is always so obviously well thought-out and flawless.  As you can see from the above photo, she also reached 1000 blog followers recently which she totally deserves and so much more.

3. All Things Beautiful
I find myself constantly revisiting Jessie's blog because it always has so much great content! There is honestly something for everyone on this beautiful blog - from travel to beauty, fashion to fitness. Moreover, as with Lauren (Britton Loves), her blog photography is another favourite of mine. Her photos are consistently so sharp, crisp and pretty to look at! She's also a Welshie and as a Cardiff Uni student, this is a winner for me! I'm hoping to attend some blogger events when I'm back in Wales from September and perhaps see Jessie there too!

That's this month's round-up of inspirational bloggers, and I'm hoping these beautiful bloggers might inspire you too! Let me know your thoughts below!

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