Aah Valentine's Day. Loved by some and hated by many; it divides opinions every year. However, no matter how hard you try, you can't avoid it. Supermarkets and high street shops are filled with pink and red and hearts and glitter to remind everyone that the official day of love is just around the corner, sending coupled-up people into a stressed frenzy and reminding single people that they are alone (sorry). 

I'll be spending my Valentine's weekend in Sheffield with Tim which should be nice and relaxed, but of course like many others I know what it's like to be single during the dreaded mid-February celebration. So I wanted to write a post that both single people and those in relationships can relate to this Valentine's Day by coming up with some things to do whether you're in a relationship or not!

Taken: take your other half to see the latest romantic film in the cinema and share a huge box of popcorn/chocolate as you snuggle in the dark. Bonus points if you go to see a scary film and the need for extra snuggling suddenly becomes a necessity. Look out for student deals (if you are one of course) and budget cinemas (such as Premiere Cinema in Cardiff) to save some dolla on ticket prices.
Single: Grab a load of single friends and treat yourselves to a day/night out to the cinema. Why not go all out, get dressed up and go for cocktails after as well! P.S don't feel you HAVE to share your popcorn either.

Taken: Instead of braving the February elements, why not just stay in and watch a film/series that neither of you have seen before? Grab some snacks and get cosy. Add in some "chill" and you've got yourself some steamy Valentine's fun!
Single: Okay so you might not get the whole "chill" portion of Netflix and chill but you can choose WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT to watch and no annoying partner falling asleep and snoring halfway through a film (fun fact: I AM that annoying partner). 

Taken: Go out for a nice meal with your other half - maybe try out a new restaurant or go back to the first restaurant you went to as a couple to make it extra special. Be sure to take advantage of apps like Vouchercloud or use a Tastecard (mine came free with my NatWest Student account)! Whacking an app discount code out isn't the most romantic thing to do when on a date but us students/budget-concious individuals gotta look out for these things, right?!
Single: Instead of eating alone in a restaurant (just FYI - nothing wrong with that!) why not treat yourself to a fancier meal at home? Change it up a bit - shop at M&S Food or buy a slightly more expensive food brand. It's still much cheaper than going out for a meal and it's much more rewarding to cook it yourself too!

Taken: Spend the day exploring your local area - not just the usual routes you take, go places together you've never thought to explore before. Take a few snacks with you (strawberries, sandwiches, etc) and find a new picnic spot just for the two of you.
Single: Do some exploring but go solo - you can be truly mindful of your surroundings, and take in the beauty of everything around you. Mindfulness is used clinically to help treat certain psychiatric disorders and it can be so beneficial for your mental health. Take this opportunity to just be in the present moment.

Taken: Look out for couple's spa day packages for an extra special day out together. If you're looking for cheaper packages, Groupon tends to have some good deals. Or if that's out of your budget as it may be for quite a few people, just make your own spa day at home! Buy some oils and take it in turns to give each other a massage, wear face masks together, and generally just relax.
Single: Treat yourself to your own personal pamper day - either spend a little bit to get your nails done professionally or have a DIY pamper sesh with nail polish, a face mask and a glass of wine of course.

Pretty simple ideas really, but it just goes to show that anyone can have fun on Valentine's Day (or any Sunday for that matter)! What are your plans (if any) for V'tines Day?!
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