Prague Photo Diary: Part 3

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The last instalment of my Prague photo diary! So after getting ready back at the hotel, Tim and I decided to head back to Old Town and the surrounding area as we'd been recommended some bars nearby. We chose a hotel restaurant to eat at that sat diners outside just on the outskirts of the main square, so we were able to watch the busy-ness of the Old Town night life from our little candlelit table. 

As it turned out, the restaurant we ate at also had an amazing bar - voted 4th best hotel bar in the world last year in fact - called Black Angel's Bar. The bar was beautifully decorated and unfortunately photos weren't allowed! But it had a fantastic gothic feel to it, there was a live piano player and the cocktails were incredible. I would definitely recommend sitting at the bar if you do visit, as the bartenders were so friendly and you can watch them put together the cocktails with such skill and effortlessness. Even better for us students, the cocktails were so reasonably priced - they worked out at about £5 each - for such quality cocktails and the amazing atmosphere!

After a couple of cocktails at Black Angel's Bar, we headed over to AnonymouS bar - its location is very much synonymous with its name. We found it quite quickly but only because we'd done a bit of research prior to our visit! The atmosphere in this bar was different but just as exciting! It's a themed bar based around the ideas of "V for Vendetta". It's probably the quirkiest little bar I've ever been to and again, the cocktails were fantastically made as well as being fantastically priced (similar to the prices of Black Angel's Bar). When I was unsure of which cocktail to choose, the barman asked me about my usual preferences and made me the most delicious vodka-based watermelon cocktail - I honestly could not fault it at all! After perhaps one too many cocktails, we headed back to our cosy hotel room.

We had a very chilled last day - our flight wasn't until late so we stayed in the hotel all morning, then set off for some last minute sight seeing in Old Town. We did a few casual gallery and museum visits and had lunch at this gorgeous cafe before heading back to the hotel bar for one last drink.  We made our way to the airport with plenty of time to spare so we could do some last minute duty-free shopping! 

I guess the rest of the details are pretty mundane, so I'll leave it here! I hope you've enjoyed revisiting my Prague adventure as much as I have! Let me know your favourite summer holidays in the comments below, I'd love to know your recommendations!
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  1. Prague looks so pretty! I really fancy a city break so will look into this! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. I'd definitely recommend it Jessie! So much pretty architecture <3

  2. those drinks look pretty, but I'm happy to just look at them... Drinking alcohol is one thing I don't do.. :)