Why "Shit Happens" Should Be Your New Go-To Drinking Game

Many of you will soon be celebrating the end of the exam period. I've been there many times now and generally it goes a bit like this:
1. Spend two hours getting ready
2. Friends arrive for pre-drinks
3. Spend a good few hours at someone's house playing drinking games (everyone knows this is the best part of a night out)
4. Get a taxi to town to go to a questionable nightclub
5. Boogie
6. Walk home, stopping at some kind of fast food place on the way 

Now let's skip back to step 3, because there's a new kid on the block in the games industry and it's called "Shit Happens". I was kindly sent this to review and in true student fashion I, of course, had to review it as part of the night out ritual. 

The aim of the game is to order your cards, which have different shitty scenarios on them, in order of their shit-ness. They range from inconveniently getting genital warts, to being involved in a major earthquake. You get the picture. Sure, this game can be played harmlessly and alcohol-free, but I can vouch for the fact it's super fun when made into a drinking game - if you guess the order wrong for a card... you drink!

Shit Happens has received the Charli stamp of approval and I highly recommend giving it a go if you like other games like Cards Against Humanity, or you fancy something a bit different to the usual card games like Ring of Fire (there's only so many times one can down a dirty pint). If you're interested in Cheatwell Games' Shit Happens, you can find it here on Amazon.
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