Just a quick shout-out post to a website I came across recently. allows you to "upload" the nail polishes you own and compare the colours so you don't end up buying two of the same colour! Although currently there are not LOADS of brand colours already available to select, there is an option to create your own, which is very easy to do, especially if you have the nail polishes' website up in another tab like I did! I think it's a great concept and could come in so useful.

This is by no means my whole nail polish collection but you can see the idea! I love the way it's set up; it looks so slick and is easy to compare them.  Not only is there the option to upload your collection, but there's also an option to compare two specific colours! The website have also started uploading glitter colours (which are obviously pretty hard to duplicate yourself on a colour chart!) so I'm looking forward to being able to upload my Barry M glitter nail polishes in the near future I hope.  Do let me know if you also use this site, and if you do - what do you think?


  1. Such a great idea - very handy!

    Emma xx

  2. Gunna go check that out right now! I have so many it's hard to keep track haha xx