Liebster Award Tag

I was nominated to do the Liebster Award Tag by the lovely Geena - go check out her beauty and lifestyle blog, she has some really interesting and varied reads that are so relatable :)

This is a great opportunity for small bloggers to also be heard! So let's start:

The rules of the tag:
  1. Thank and link the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer the nominator's 11 questions.
  3. Nominate 11 small blogs who have less than 200 followers (I cheated a bit here as some of my nomination have just over 200 followers on Twitter). You should believe that they deserve this award and include their link in your post.
  4. Create 11 new questions for your nominees to answer. Notify these nominees via social media/blog.

  • Why did you call your blog, the way you called it?
When I decided to start blogging, I wanted a quirky blog name that rolled off the tongue.  I knew I wanted to focus on affordable products from the high street to mirror my own budget - hence the inclusion of "High Street" in the name. And as we all know, beauty-buying/trying/reading/fascination can become quite an addiction, and so "High Street Beauty Junkie" was born!

  • If you could be any animal, which one would you be and why?
Anyone who knows me well will know that I have a slight obsession with pandas so I guess it would have to be that! They're so chill and can get away with anything because they're bare cute.

  • What was the craziest thing you have ever done?
Hmm hard one! Moving to London for a year for me has been pretty crazy - living with complete strangers (who I would now class as very good friends), working full-time on a wage of £0 and living solely off my student loan were all very big risks.  But I've loved the last 7 months and I'm gutted I only have 3 left!

  • Do you have any hidden talents, which one?
I can do the "impossible" and lick my elbow. For realsies. 

  • What would you do, If you were the other gender for one day?
I would pee standing up as much as possible, and just generally play with my new willy. If you say you wouldn't do this, you're lying. And have sex of course. Just because.

  • What do you like most about yourself?
In terms of appearance, I think the thing I like most about myself is my hair.  It's in pretty good condition because I've very rarely dyed it and it's naturally blonde which I think sometimes I take for granted!  In terms of personality, I like that I'm an open-minded person and I try to be as non-judgemental as I can!

  • What is your biggest pet peeve?
Following on from the last question, I tend to get annoyed by very close-minded people! Other than that, I have a pet peeve of continuous tapping noises when I'm trying to work - not ideal at the moment as there's a lot of building work going on where I work!

  • What is/was your most hated subject at school and why?
When I was at school I disliked geography and history - I was just really bad at them and gave them up as quickly as possible! It wasn't that I found them uninteresting, I just couldn't get my head around them!

  • If you had to change your name for some reason, how would you name yourself?
My full name is actually Charlotte so I've already shortened it to Charli which I much prefer! However, if I had to change it again I'd make it something fierce like Ruby or Jazmyn.

  • If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
Right now it'd have to be avocado.  I can never get enough!

  • Something more serious at the end: If you had to choose when you're going to die, which age would you choose and why?
Ooh this is pretty dark haha! I'd like to live a long, happy life but not so long that I can't do that much for myself towards the end of my life.  However, I think the key is to hold as many happy memories as possible which you're able to reflect on when you're older and have no regrets!

The beautiful and talented bloggers I am nominating are:
Hannah (@holabelleza_)
Paige (@Paige_1212)
Amy (@eadeyamy)
Antonia (@SweetPassions07)
Leanne (@LeanneDunnage)
Georgie (@_missgeorgiee)
Emma (@keepupwithkirby)
Alice (@MissAliceRed)
Lucinda (@LuciEvetts)
Arielle (@ariboo_blog)
Nikita (@nikitabatavia)

My questions to you are:

  1. What or who inspired you to start blogging?
  2. What is the one beauty product you can't live without?
  3. What is your favourite thing to do when you're feeling down?
  4. Who inspires you the most in life and why?
  5. What is your favourite season of the year and why?
  6. What is your favourite high street brand? (This can be fashion, beauty or both)
  7. Describe your perfect summer getaway?
  8. What would be your dream career?
  9. What are you most looking forward to this year?
  10. What is  your favourite genre of music?
  11. What piece of advice would you give to a newbie blogger?

I'd love to read your responses so tweet me at @Charli_bblogger or comment on this blog post when you complete it! xx


  1. I loved reading your answers charli, you are so adorable and hilarious :D The first thing to do when having a new willy: Doing the helicopter. Lol xx

    1. Aww thank you Geena! And thanks for the nomination in the first place! Haha YES to helicopter - I thought about that when I read through the questions but forgot to write it down! x