My Current Eye Makeup Favourites

In terms of makeup, I'm much more of an eyes than a lips person. Lipstick, I can give or take. I only tend to wear it on a night out. But I rarely leave the house without mascara and love going all out with eyeshadow and a liquid eyeliner too. So I thought I'd share some of my current favourites and some new bits I've been trying out over the last month or so. 

1. Mascara: Bad Gal Bang - Benefit (RRP: £21.50)
I was gifted this mascara earlier this year at the Cardiff launch of Benefit's new mascara. There's been a lot of hype since it came out - some positive and some negative - so I was eager to give it a go. And honestly, I'm torn by it! Sometimes I use it and I love it and other times it makes my lashes go super clumpy and spider-y. I think for me, it's a great mascara as long as you apply it carefully and don't go too overboard with it. It's easy to get wrong. It's also a very wet formula so perhaps it will apply better once it's dried out a little bit more (I find this generally happens with other mascaras with a wet formula). 

2. Eyeliner: Flawless Eyeliner - Flawless Lashes by Loreta (RRP: £14.95)
I was kindly sent this felt tip eyeliner to review and it was always going to be a tough one because I swear by felt tip liners and I've used quite a few in my time. It's got competition! However, the super thin tip puts it up there with the best of the best - it makes it easy to be accurate with the line you create and you can draw the perfect wing with it. 

3. Eyeshadow: Extra Spice eyeshadow palette - Makeup Revolution x Soph (RRP: £10)
This is my current hero product. I loved Soph's first palette collaboration with Makeup Revolution and I love her second one even more. It's my go-to every single day and it's honestly the perfect combination of colours for me, it can take you from daytime to night out. Moreover, the price point for this is incredible! What more could you want from an eyeshadow palette?

4. Eyebrows: Archery 2-in-1 Brow Filling Pencil and Brush - Soap & Glory (RRP: £8.50)
I've already raved about how much I love this brow pencil in great detail before (if you want to read my full review, click here) but the fact that nearly two years later I'm still raving about it and still repurchasing it every time I run out, shows it really stands the test of time. It's the perfect colour for me and really does the job very well. 

I'd love to hear if you have any recommendations of your favourite eye products! What are you currently using and what are you loving? Do you have any eye makeup products that you can't live without? Comment down below!
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  1. I still haven't got round to trying Sophie's new palette but I really want to pick it up as it looks so pretty ��
    Great post lovely! ��

  2. I've been really wanting to try that makeup palette, it looks incredible!

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