University Outfit Ideas with Get The Label

You know the feeling: you've had a great Wednesday night out but perhaps aren't feeling too fresh for your 9am lecture the next day. You can't sack it off but all you want to do is stay in your cosy pyjamas. Here's where Get The Label come to the rescue! They offer super comfy athleisure wear (as well as much more) which makes it look like you've made the effort even if you're a little bit hungover still.

I chose this Adidas originals cropped top ( and paired it with these Beck & Hersey high waisted leggings ( What I love about Get The Label is that they do amazing discounts on designer sports brands (this top's RRP is £29.99 but it's currently on the website for £16.99!) but they also have a lot of hidden gem brands like Beck & Hersey which are lesser known but I think look really good and are more affordable (these leggings are currently on the website for just £12.99). 

Here's the best bit - they do student discount too! Get The Label offer 10% off purchases online through UniDays. You can find it by clicking here. Get The Label are perfect for students, whether you're a sports/gym fanatic looking for some new sportswear or just a lazy dresser like me! They're affordable and stylish and you can't ask for much more than that!

*Disclaimer: clothing items mentioned were gifted but all views are my own*
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  1. I'm going to Uni in September, so this will be really useful, thank you! I especially love that they do UNIDAYS discount, haha. I rarely ever shop without student discount x
    Natasha | FloralsAndCoralsx

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