Five Things You MUST Do In York

At the end of January, I surprised Tim with a few days away in the beautiful city of York for his birthday. Having only visited once before when I was 9 years old, I did a lot of research beforehand about what was best to do and see to make the most of our three days there. We had a really great time and managed to do a hell of a lot, and now I want to share with you what I thought was worth doing and why! I'm aware that some of these are super tourist-y - but they're popular for a reason! Here's my top five:

1. Walk along the historic City Walls: York is showered in history and culture, some of which can be explored by walking along the 3.4km of city walls. There are some fantastic views along the way to enjoy and best of all it's completely free. 

2. Climb up Clifford's Tower: built in 1068, Clifford's Tower is another cultural must-see. Situated on a hill, the views once you're up at the top of the castle are beautiful. Despite the fact it was cold and foggy when we went up, it was still a great way to see across the whole of the city. Admission prices are around £5 per person, which in comparison to other attractions in York is pretty good.

3. Visit York Dungeons: If you fancy a bit of a scare whilst also learning about York's history along the way, the York Dungeons are a perfect novelty attraction. Tickets start at £10 per person and include over an hour's interactive entertainment from amateur actors. I've never been a huge fan of learning about history but the York Dungeons manage to make it an enjoyable experience at the same time.

York Minster

4. Go for a drink (or four...): York famously accommodates 365 bars a pubs - one for each day of the year. Basically, there's a bar for EVERYONE in York. For a more student-y vibe, check out The Graduate, a small chain bar with some great cocktails (which are £3 on certain nights!). If you're looking for a more traditional pub, try out The Old Starre Inn which boasts its historic roots and has a really cosy atmosphere inside. For a cool bar with a great selection of beers and gins (and an amazing tapas menu) I'd definitely recommend Sotano's. It was one of my favourite finds in York!

5. Get lost: No I don't mean this as an insult. Accidentally getting lost in York on our first day (mainly due to my terrible navigation skills) was one of the best things we could've done. There are so many quirky little lanes and streets to check out in York that you might miss if you stick to a particular route. In my opinion, it was the best way to explore and get to know the city.

I really hope this helps if you're planning to visit York soon - and of course I'd love to know if you have any recommendations. I can't wait to visit again in the future!
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  1. York is next on my list - it's so beautiful! I'd love to visit it :) Love your photos! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

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