How To Be Fabulously Efficient: A Lazy Girl's Guide

January is notoriously a lazy month, when getting stuff done just doesn't sound appealing in any way. In fact, 16th January - the day that this is being posted - is known as Blue Monday, aka the most depressing day of the year. So how can we be a little more efficient in what we do during this cold, miserable period of the year? Being efficient means being productive without wasting lots of time or energy - so if you're like me and you enjoy an extra 10 minutes in bed every morning, this can be extremely beneficial. In this post, I'm going to share with you a few beauty tips that will make your life that little bit more efficient - no extra effort required!

1. All-in-one products: nothing is more efficient than having all of your essentials in one place and luckily for us, there are many products that can do this for us now. I'm loving the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Paparazzi Compact, which encompasses a lipstick, a powder, powder applicator and a mirror. This product is handbag-friendly so you can use it to touch up your make-up during the day, or if you're running late in the morning you can use it to apply the finishing touches to your face on the commute to work/brunch/wherever you may be going. I also think the packaging is absolutely gorgeous and would make a great gift for someone! You can find the Paparazzi Compact on the Joan Collins website here and all her other products on the QVC or M&S websites.

2. Do it the night before!: Obviously I'm not suggesting you apply make-up the night before because your skin would absolutely hate you for it. However, if you know you won't have time to wash your hair in the morning because you have other things to do (i.e. sleep) then dry shampooing your hair before you go to bed can be a godsend. Not only will it save you messing around with it in the morning, it can also look much more natural as it's had time to soak up the oils in your hair, making it look less greasy. I love Batiste's range of dry shampoos but at the moment I've really been enjoying this COLab Rio Tropical dry shampoo created by fellow blogger (and model and YouTuber) Ruth Crilly. You can buy it here.

3. Invest in an LED lamp for gel nails: Perhaps not the most budget-friendly advice (unless you regularly pay to have your nails done professionally), but gel nails are a great way to cut down on spending time on painting your nails. I usually have to repaint my nails every three days if I use a normal nail polish. However, I'm now a gel nail convert having recently received the Sensationail gel starter kit with an LED lamp for Christmas! Although it took me about 30 minutes to complete the whole process, my nail polish goes unchipped for two weeks - meaning I don't have to worry about my nails for ages. It's just a small step that frees up some more time for whatever I'd prefer to be doing on an evening in!

That's all boys and girls, I hope you make the most of this January despite the weather, despite the lack of money post-Christmas and despite these so-called January blues. Do you have any tips for upping your efficiency this month?
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