A Colour Spectrum of Nail Polishes: My Top 10

I wanted to write something that I'd never seen done before; not something generic like a monthly favourites or a stand-alone product review. Although I love reading (and writing) these kind of posts, I still want to be able to stand out and bring something slightly different to the blogging world. This idea came to me when my mum informed me that I own 130 nail varnishes (yes, she counted). I love painting my nails and I love mixing it up with different colours so in my head this amount of polishes is totally warranted, right? I'm also using the "I'm a blogger, I need them" excuse. I went through all them and picked out my favourite of each colour to share with you today.

1. Fiji by Essie - my love, my life, my one and only. Fiji is my favourite nail polish ever (I
spoke about it in a post a few months back which you can read here). It's the perfect pale pink and goes with everything. And it looks amaaazing with a tan. I also love Essie's super smooth formula.

2. Big Apple Red by Nails Inc (Kate Spade New York limited edition) - this is the truest red nail polish I own and I love it. I don't really opt for reds very often but if I do, it tends to be this (or a more autumnal burgundy). I always feel super classy and glamorous when I wear this colour.

3. Tropical Pink by Collection - despite the name, this is definitely a coral colour closer to orange than pink in my opinion. I love wearing this colour on my toes or on my fingernails especially for a holiday. Collection nail polishes are great and cost next to nothing as well!

4. Lemon by Barry M - I'm not really one to go for a yellow nail polish but I kind of needed to add it in to go with the colour spectrum theme. However, this pastel yellow by Barry M is pretty cute and I think it would look fab on very tanned skin. I like using it as a nail art base to make little bees. #sorrynotsorry

5. Little Duck by Tanya Burr - I believe her collection has been reformulated and repackaged now but I still love this pale green shade by Tanya Burr. And how adorable is the name?! It's no Essie Mint Candy Apple - it's not as pastel/blue-toned as that - but it is a gorgeous murky green (in a good way) that looks fab on nails.

6. Shade 693 by Kiko - I couldn't see an actual name for this polish but I had to include it. I love the formula and finish of Kiko's Velvet Satin nail lacquers. They dry almost matte and it looks absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately because of this, it does chip very easily and only lasts a day or two but I think it's perfect for a night out or special occasion.

7. Strut Your Stuff by Essie - oops, another Essie polish! I just bloody love these nail polishes and this blue is stunning. If you ever find yourself wondering what my favourite ever colour in the world is, it's this. Essie is definitely my favourite nail brand.

8. Shock Wave by Maybelline - the Maybelline Colour Show nail varnish line is so great - it's really affordable and they have a huge colour range. The formula is smooth and long-lasting (not quite as long-lasting as Essie in my opinion) and I love this deep blue/navy colour. Perfect for winter/Christmas as it also has a hint of sparkle.

9. Go Wild-er-ness by Rimmel - I ALMOST included another Essie polish for this one but I refrained. This Rimmel polish has a gorgeous formula and is a really lovely lilac colour. Their brushes are a good size as well which allow you to cover the whole nail in one swipe. Also a very affordable brand.

10. Jack Frost by Models Own - well I couldn't not include a glitter polish! I love topping my polishes with this colour, especially around Christmas time. It captures the light beautifully and is one of the best glitter polishes I've used.

And that's the end of the round-up! I hope you like this kind of post, please let me know your thoughts in the comments as I'd love some feedback! Happy nail painting!
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  1. Some great picks! Essie will always be my favourite brand!
    Summer xx

  2. love your photos :) the colours are so pretty Xx

  3. Such a great idea for a post! I too have loads of nail varnishes, I don't know if I could pick my favourites though!

    Jade X