I've Started The Results With Lucy Student Plan!

Exams are finally over, the sun has started shining through, so it's time to get my ass into gear! I was approached by the Results with Lucy PR team recently asking if I'd like to trial their student plan (fronted by Lucy Mecklenburgh's little sister Lydia who also understands the struggles of keeping up a fitness regime whilst studying!) and of course I said yes. I love going to the gym a couple of times a week but this isn't always possible (especially while I was revising as I found it so hard to motivate myself to leave the house to workout). I also love eating healthily when I can, but often find that healthy foods are more expensive and it's sometimes just easier to go for something unhealthy! So I'm excited to try out this plan which gives you a huge range of home workouts (which you can do with or without exercise equipment, and gives you suggested alternatives such as filled water bottles if you don't own the equipment needed), and also suggests recipe ideas perfect for students on a budget!

I guess I should probably write a short introduction for anyone currently thinking "what the hell is Results With Lucy?!" - well, the brand was created by TOWIE's Lucy Mecklenburgh and is comprised of many plans tailored to your needs - whether you want to tone your tummy for summer or you just want a nutrition plan to eat yourself healthy - there is pretty much something for everyone. Moreover, you can get a free 3-day trial to see if Results for Lucy is really for you! The student plan which I will be trying out for 3 months is tailored specifically for students BUT WAIT FOR IT. Unidays are offering students 25% off any of the plans so it's even more affordable! So with the discount, you can get the student plan for just £10.50 a month - pretty good for a plan complete with recipes, workouts and the ability to track your progress throughout your fitness journey. 

I'm starting my plan today and will keep you guys updated with how I'm getting on! So far so good - the website gives you an interactive tour when you begin which is so helpful as it can look a little confusing at first (it's really not though!). I'm already planning my next meals and hoping to ease myself in gently for the first few days. It's important to enjoy what you're doing otherwise you'll not be motivated to keep it going! I'll still be enjoying the odd meal out whilst still following the plan and allowing myself occasional days off. Watch this space as I'll be adding before and after photos later on in my progress! 

My first (slightly modified!) attempt at a Results with Lucy recipe - subbed in sweet potato mash (to please the masses) instead of roasted sweet potato and I used chicken thigh fillets instead of chicken breast just because of personal preference - FYI it was delicious!
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