Have A Better Period With Pink Parcel!

No girl particularly enjoys her monthly visitor. Personally, I think I'm pretty lucky - I don't get cramps or pains or cravings, perhaps just a bit overemotional a couple of days before. However, whether you do or don't get symptoms, being on your period isn't something that makes you feel glamorous.

Pink Parcel kindly sent me one of their subscription boxes to review. I've bought one-off beauty boxes before and loved receiving them and trying out new products I hadn't thought to buy before. The Pink Parcel comes beautifully packaged in a chic black and pink box. The box is FULL (and I mean full) of both practical and luxury products for when you're on your period. One thing I love about the Pink Parcel is that they take your preference of sanitary product into consideration so your box is personalised to your needs!

The sanitary products come in a gorgeous little pull-string bag which can be subtly hidden in a handbag. Extra sanitary products are provided as well in a sleek black box. I love that they provide these products as it saves the hassle of going out and buying more. I received 24 sanitary products, which for me is a pretty perfect amount for the month (but of course this will vary depending on your own cycle!)

I also received a full-size Sass pH Balanced serum - you can read my previous post all about Sass products here! I love the brand and would recommend their products to any girl. I think it's important you feel fresh and comfortable when you're on your period and I know, for me, Sass products are perfect for this.

The Pink Parcel also contains a box full of little treats to cheer you up during your time of the month. My box contained some yummy goodies, including a Teapigs teabag, Nairns outcakes and a Mallow and Marsh marshmallow bar. I love me some tea at any time of the month really, but particularly during my TOTM. And I'm really excited to try the Mallow and Marsh bar because who doesn't love marshmallow-y goodness?!

As a beauty blogger (primarily), I always love trying new products so I was excited to receive these little gems in the box as well. I've not tried the True Brit nail polishes before, and this polish in the colour Pink Parcel (I see what you did there) is beautiful! I have actually used this New Kid eyeshadow stick before - I received it as a present when I was about 15 before I knew anything about make-up. I do remember wearing it (subtly) everyday to school and I'm happy that it's back in my life now seven years later! The last product is a hand cream from Boozi in a French Martini scent. Now I don't know about you but anything alcohol-inspired is a winner in my books!

I was so impressed with my first box from Pink Parcel and was particularly surprised at just how many products I received in the box! For £12.99 a month (your first box is £9.95!), I think Pink Parcel is an ideal pick-me-up for any girl to receive at a time where you might not be feeling your most glamorous.

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