Ten Mill Lane's Cocktails With A Difference!

Since living in Cardiff, I've had my fair share of good cocktails; great even. I've also had a few not-so-great. But Ten Mill Lane's new cocktail menu (which launched on 7th March) really goes above and beyond in the league of cocktails (yeah, that's a thing.)

I was invited to their launch night which was held in an art gallery round the corner from their bar, which initially I was sceptical about - why would you hold a launch somewhere other than where it's going to be served?! But walking into the fairy lights and candlelit room, surrounded by art pieces accompanied with delicate cocktails, it all just kind of fell into place. 

The idea behind Ten Mill Lane's new menu is that these cocktails are created with a famous piece of art in mind; ranging from a piece by Picasso to a work of art by Warhol. The creativity and mastery behind these cocktails are clear from their delicate presentation as well as their exquisite taste. Ten Mill Lane really are upping their game and stirring things up (pun intended) with this unique twist on cocktails!

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