Miss Patisserie Blogger Event!

In the depths of one of Cardiff's hidden gem shopping arcades lies a beautiful boutique - a shop which could easily be mistaken for a dainty little bakery with its array of cupcake-shaped products on display in the window. Miss Patisserie is in fact a Cardiff-based company specialising in bath and skincare products, and I was thrilled to attend their blogger event last Sunday!

I'd walked past the store multiple times yet never ventured in - and since visiting on Sunday I keep asking myself why not! The shop is set up to look so elegant and stylish; it almost feels as if you're stepping into a spa. I was greeted by the aromatic smell of bath products and skincare, complemented by the sleek product packaging stacked up perfectly around the store. 

I was given a goody bag of samples to take away with me, but as I walked around the store, I knew these weren't the only things I was taking home! I can't go into details about what I bought because there might be a couple of Christmas presents in there, but I did treat myself to a peppermint-scented massage bar. As you may have guessed from my Christmas wishlist, I have a real love of mint-scented body products at the moment, and this massage bar is perfect - not too overpowering, and not artificial at all.

Before I left, I was given a hand treatment by the lovely owner of the store, Charlotte. She talked us through all the products she used, tailoring each step to our preferences and skin types. I'd already made my purchases by the time I had my hand treatment, but I know I'll definitely be back to pick up some body scrub when I run out of my current one!

I thoroughly enjoyed the event and would urge anyone in or visiting Cardiff to take a trip to the High Street Arcade and check out Miss Patisserie - you won't be disappointed!

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  1. I've walked past this plenty of times and it looks amazing but never popped in to actually see the products up close.

    Mel ♥ everyword.meljwills.com

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