REVIEW: Magnitone Lucid

Blue magnitone lucid cleanser review

I was lucky enough to receive a Magnitone Lucid in the post thanks to The Bloggers Hub and their #bloggerslove Twitter party. I was so excited when I received an email saying it was being sent to me as I've heard so many great things about the brand, and I'm especially impressed with their involvement with bloggers.

Firstly, aesthetically-speaking, I love the colour range! Superficial I know, but who doesn't love an attractive product, right? My favourite colour is blue, so the colour choice wasn't hard for me. The design is also very slick and looks super professional.

Blue magnitone lucid with cleanser and toner review

But I guess the most important question is how well does this product really work?  The Magnitone Lucid claims to give you softer, brighter and clearer skins in just 7 days, so I decided to take this 7-day challenge. According to Magnitone, the basic science behind this product is the fact it's powered by Active Electromagnetic Technology. The Lucid pulsates up to 10,000 times a minute which means it's less abrasive than cheaper drugstore cleansing brushes (basically, the more pulsations, the less it's going to irritate your skin).  And if you are worried about the abrasiveness of electronic cleansing brushes, Magnitone are already a step ahead: it boasts two settings - deep clean and sensitive.

But Charli, how was your own experience with the brush? I'm so glad you asked. I was quite skeptical at first - what difference can a brush make? I used the same Freederm facial cleanser I always use followed by my Clean & Clear toner and The Body Shop Vitamin C moisturiser.  But I definitely saw some immediate results. After the first use, my skin felt super soft straight after drying my face,  as if I'd already moisturised.  Another thing I noticed was that my skin didn't feel tight like it often does after cleansing and before moisturising. After using the product for a few days , I've noticed that my skin is visibly brighter and more healthy-looking straight after cleansing.

So far, I am SO impressed with this product - it has delivered what it claims in just 7 days. The product may seem like quite an investment but I would say it's definitely worth it.  Moreover, Magnitone have kindly given me a code for my lovely readers which entitles you all to 20% off any Magnitone product before 31st July 2015! Just follow this link and enter the code below.

Magnitone Lucid blue photo review

I hope you find this review helpful; have you ever used a Magnitone product? What are your thoughts on these products?

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  1. I have this blue one and I do really like it but I prefer my Clarisonic Mia if I'm honest x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness