NOTD & REVIEW: Maybelline Colour Show Street Artist in White Splatter

I've been a big fan of Maybelline Colour Show nail polishes for a while; I love their colour range, the way they apply so easily, the size of the brush and of course the price!  So when I saw my friend wearing their gorgeous Street Artist range, I had to pick one up myself!  For £3.99, these little glass bottles of loveliness are a steal.  I think I even bought it on a "Buy 1 Get 2nd Half Price" deal and so I ended up getting two nail polishes for £6. 

As far as I'm aware there are only two colours in the range, and I opted for the White Splatter colour.  As this is a top coat, I used Maybelline's Colour Show Love This Sweater as the base colour.  Its a lovely pink/beige-toned nude and looks great on its own too for a more natural look.

One thing I really like about the Maybelline Colour Show nail polishes is the size of the brushes.  I have teeny tiny hands and nails, and so a lot of brushes tend to be a bit too big for my nails.  However, these brushes take two or three strokes to cover my nail perfectly.

The only con of this polish is its consistency - it becomes quite gloopy and because it's a glitter-based polish it takes a couple of coats for a sufficient amount of pay-off onto the nails, which makes the overall finished look feel quite thick.  However, I think this is to be expected of a nail polish with a lot of large glitter bits and so doesn't bother me too much! And one thing I like about this is the fact you can peel it off (so satisfying!) instead of using nail polish remover.

So overall, a pretty sick look.  It makes me feel cool and effortless despite not being a cool or effortless person at all. Top marks, Maybelline! Have you ever tried Maybelline's range of nail polishes? Let me know what you think/any recommendations in the comments below!

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